Research Interests

  1. CO2 evolution in the paleo-atmosphere; probing the soil carbonate archives.
  2. Reconstruction of paleo-diet using stable isotopes method.
  3. Understanding the extinction event in geological time.
  4. Carbon cycle in hydrosphere-atmosphere (Ocean, estuary, lakes etc.)
  5. Stable isotope chemistry of atmospheric CO2 and carbon cycle.
  6. Application of doubly substituted CO2 isotopologues in carbonate Paleo-thermometry.
  7. Development of new isotopic standard for analyses of stable isotopes in air and solid samples.


Courses taught

Semester Title of the Course No. of Credits
August Earth System Science (ES 202/ AS 220) 3
August Earth life and Sustainability (AS 202) 3
January Biogeochemistry (ES 202) 3
January Earth System Sciences for Under Grad.( UG 202) 2
August Geochemistry (UG 203) 2