• studentsName: Dr.RAHUL PEETHAMBARAN

    Research interest:

    My research interest is mainly in stable isotopic composition of (18O and 2H) rainfall and water vapour. As water and water vapour are one of the most important components that determine weather and climate we need better understanding of its transport in the hydrological cycle. Stable isotope is one such novel tool which is used to investigate how water is getting partitioned in the hydrological cycle. Process such as change in moisture source of rainfall, transport , continental contribution from evapotranspiration, cloud processes and rainfall re-evaporation can significantly alter and act as controlling factors for rainfall stable isotope ratios. My research involves how such process affect stable isotope variations in rainfall and water vapour from coastal and inland station observations.

    • Rahul, P., P. Ghosh, and S. K. Bhattacharya (2016), Rainouts over the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats during moisture advection and recycling explain the isotopic composition of Bangalore summer rains, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 121, doi:10.1002/2015JD024579.
    • Rahul, P., P. Ghosh, S. K. Bhattacharya, and K. Yoshimura (2016), Controlling factors of rainwater and water vapor isotopes at Bangalore, India: Constraints from observations in 2013 Indian monsoon, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 121, doi:10.1002/2016JD025352.
    • Rahul P, Prosenjit Ghosh, Prasanna K, Anilkumar N, Kei Yoshimura. Quantifying fraction of recycled moisture over  Southern ocean using stable isotope ratios in water vapor and rainwater. J. Geophys. Res. Atmos (Under Review).
    Previous affiliations
    • MSc. Meteorology, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin
    Conference proceedings:
    • Conference talk
      • European Geosciences Union,2011
        P Rahul and Prosenjit Ghosh ,’Pattern in isotopic ratio of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall (ISMR) 2010 capturing the origin of moisture source; a case study from Southern India’
      • American Geophysical Union , Fall Meeting 2012
        P Rahul and Prosenjit Ghosh ,’Role of wind and sea surface temperature over moisture source region in determining the stable isotopic ratios in rainwater’
      • Goldschmidt 2013
        P Rahul, Prosenjit Ghosh and Sneha Suresh,’Journal paper isotopic composition as climate proxy’
      • • European Geosciences Union,2015
        P Rahul and Prosenjit Ghosh , ‘Stable isotope ratios in rainfall and water vapour at Bangalore, Southern
        India during the monsoon period of 2013’