Estimate of charges:

Carbon (13C), Nitrogen (15N), Oxygen (18O) and Hydrogen (2H) Analysis cost & Turnaround Time

The prices listed are for fully prepared samples, see additional notes below the pricing table.


Natural Abundance Analysis Turnaround Time (weeks) Price per Sample (US$)
Dual 13C &15N natural abundance organic matter 4 – 6 $20
Dual 13C & 18O natural abundance in carbonates-

Difficult samples (Filters, Soils, Sediments, Salts)*

6 – 8 $20
18O and 2H in water 4 – 6 $15
13C in DIC of water 12 -16 $10
Dual 18O & 2H natural abundance organic matter 12 -16 $20
Weighing & Subsampling Fee –

must contact us to discuss ahead of time**

+ 4 weeks +$5


The turnaround times listed are approximate for well prepared samples (i.e dried, ground, weighed, encapsulated in tin (Sn) capsules, and organized in 96-well plates). Large sample sets (>100 samples) will have a longer turnaround time. Test samples and small sample sets (<50 regular / < 20 difficult samples) will have a shorter turnaround time than posted above. Please contact: for queries or information on a more specific turnaround time for your samples.